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Dr. Bob's Books, Videos, and Podcast

Check out The Vaccine Book, A Tale of Two Sides, The Vaccine Conversation Video Series, and The Vaccine Conversation audio podcast. Follow each link below to enjoy these valuable vaccine-related resources. 

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The Vaccine Book

2019 Edition - Now includes Covid-19

This is my flagship book and covers everything you need to know to work through the vaccine decision. Note that the link below takes you to my own Amazon Seller page. Amazon still lists it as the old 2011, but from my page I only sell the new 2019 version, with the Covid chapter just added in 2023, and signed!

A Tale of Two Sides 

A Novel on Vaccines and Disease

My first novel in an ongoing series (next one is in the works), this presents the vaccine controversy in novel form, with characters you will love and despise, who live, love, and sacrifice all they hold dear to stay true to what they believe in. Written under my pen name.

The Vaccine Conversation Videos

Brand New Video Series

Melissa and I have teamed up to present the most important topics in the vaccine debate in our beloved conversational style. These videos are specifically designed for parents who are new to vaccines and are looking for a fun and entertaining approach to this complex topic.

The Vaccine Conversation Podcast

Audio Podcast

Subscribe to our free TVC podcast today. Enjoy over 120 episodes recorded over the last 3 years that cover every aspect of vaccines, infectious diseases, and medical freedom. Plus, in-depth interviews with the biggest names in the health freedom movement.

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