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Health Freedom Organizations

Health Freedom Organizations: Testimonials

Childrens Health Defense

This is Bobby Kennedy Jr's organization dedicated to protecting children from pharmaceutical and environmental toxicity.

Physicians for Informed Consent

This group of doctors helps insure that parents everywhere have objective informed consent for vaccinations. Dr. Bob is a founding member.

A Voice for Choice

This organization helps fight California mandatory vaccine legislation and laws and keeps parents informed about upcoming CA bills.

California Health Coalition Advocacy

This group also concentrates on fighting mandatory vaccine laws by working directly with legislators and keeping parents informed

Freedom Keepers

This national (and international) organization connects people all over the world with local health freedom chapters to fight legislation that threatens health freedom.

Physicians and Patients Reclaiming Medicine

This national organization is recruiting members to become a large collection of physicians, professionals, and lay-people working to help reclaim medical freedom in medicine.

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